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Invitations to the Diamond Jubilee version of the Day Nursery Auxiliary Style Show and Luncheon are in the mail so keep an eye out for yours! Proceeds from the October 4th event will support programs in the Day Nursery centers. Here’s an example of the hands-on learning that goes on in the Day Nursery classrooms. Today, the preschoolers of Day Nursery Northwest made a fruit pizza to reinforce what they have been learning in their classroom.
Day Nursery preschoolers make fruit pizzaDay Nursery preschoolers add blueberries to the bowl for fruit pizzaDay Nursery preschoolers spread the fruit over the cookie and creme cheese crust of their fruit pizza.


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100_0650 Hop A thon Hop A thon (1)Thanks to Day Nursery Auxiliary members, Melanie Esselman, Jan Kendall and Anne Buskirk for their help with the Muscular Dystrophy Hop A Thon this past Friday at the Day Nursery IU Health Center.  All of the 3 to 5 year old children participated and received a certificate for their participation and the number of hops that they completed.  It was a great lesson of accepting those with disabilities as well as doing something to help others.  The event collected $488.00 to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  To further the lessons learned at the event, the center borrowed a wheel chair to allow the children to see how it feels to use one and they will be using that today and tomorrow to continue the teaching of acceptance.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the children of Day Nursery!


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Some people have Casual Friday, we have Opposite Day!

Today the children of the Day Nursery IU Health Center celebrated Opposite Day!  Some children wore their clothes opposite (pajamas in the daytime, tie on backward), while others celebrated by doing activities opposite of typical, such as drawing under the table rather than on top of the table. Preschool teacher Tomi Lessaris ‘I didn’t realize how much of the concept of opposites my class understood until today.’

Day Nursery Indianapolis student dressed for Opposite Day

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Day Nursery Federal Center two year olds enjoy scooping and measuring in their sensory table filled with noodles in fall colors.

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Two students from Ms. Tomi and Ms. Jannel’s Preschool 3 classroom at Day Nursery IU Health invented a new way to use a learning tool. By holding magnets in their hands and putting them inside the box, they were able to make some plastic mice, which also had magnets on them, race across the top of the box.

Day Nursery IU Health

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Every wonder why the Day Nursery Auxiliary is so loyal in supporting Day Nursery’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)?  Next to requests for infant care (there’s a waiting list), tuition assistance is the fastest growing need from parents.

Perhaps comments from Day Nursery’s annual parent survey will make you feel as proud of our efforts as I felt when I read the results:

A State Government Center parent said: “The Day Nursery tuition assistance is a blessing for me and my daughter. She is highly intelligent and seeks challenges. But I am a full-time student and without the assistance wouldn’t be able to afford to put her in such a stimulating environment.”

From a Northwest Center parent: “There is no way we would be able to attend such an amazing daycare! We would be at a hole-in-the-wall daycare, and I would worry about my kids all day long. The tuition assistance is such a blessing, and I am so thankful for it.”

From a Ruth A. Lilly Center parent: “My 3-year old really loves Spanish which she began in the 2 year-old classroom. She can count to 15 in Spanish, knows most body parts in Spanish, and is almost writing her full first name with all letters in order! My one year old is talking more and doing sign language. She is also eating better since starting at Day Nursery.”

From an IU Health Center parent: “My son knows more nursery rhymes than I do and can sing them all the way through. I am taken when we talk at night to learn what he has been taught throughout his day. Often in the car he will surprise me with something (like counting to 20).”

From an Avon Center parent: “My two-year-old has developed excellent language skills, knows her colors, and recognizes letters. She’s been going to Day Nursery since she was 6 months old and has learned an amazing amount there vs. at home.”

Together—we can all stand a little taller knowing that we are helping to care for and educate some of the youngest children in our community.

—  Kathryn Wall, Past Auxiliary Co-president

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